Saturday, May 12, 2012

India - Corrosion Concern - Hazards of using rusted flatware

Query posted by a Home Maker in India:

We use Stainless Steel Flatware (Spoon, Forks and Knives) for eating while at home. I have been under the impression that by using SS flatware in Dishwasher the former shall be prone to rust. However I have been using the dishwasher since long to clean my flatware. of late I have noticed that many of my spoon forks and knives have rusted. I have confirmed and they are certainly rusted. not have found the pattern we use, we are reluctant to replace these flatware unless we find new flatware with the same pattern. hence my family members and I have been using this flatware for eating. the rust has appeared in places of the flatware which is directly in contact with the food we eat. this has raised fears in my mind that I might be poisoning myself when eating from such rusted flatware.

I would like to be informed whether eating out of such rusted flatware might poison me or lead to any health hazard. if it is so I shall refrain from using such flatware as I would not like to put a few lives at risk. this in mind I have contacted you with the confidence that you shall be of valuable help in this regard. looking forward to your prompt response.

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Publication Date: 2003

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