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CAPpings - India - Improper coating selected for internal corrosion protection of drinking water pipe and tanks puts public health at risk - Toxins in Mumbai's drinking water could hit 7 lakh

Improper coating selected for internal corrosion protection of potable water pipe and tanks puts public health at risk.

Toxins in Mumbai's drinking water could hit 7 lakh people

CAP-cycle Rider: Manish Jhurani

MUMBAI: The BMC may be risking the health of around seven lakh people living in the Sion-Sewri belt following the reopening of the Raoli water reservoir, whose two tanks have been coated with a polyurethane to protect their insides from rusting. A written complaint to the civic vigilance department says that the chemical coating has been done improperly and could lead to toxins being released into potable water. Health experts have said that MDI, a chemical in the coating, could cause respiratory ailments, skin rashes and kidney stones or even increase a person's risk of getting cancer.

A January 13, 2010 letter from the ICT to the BMC states that a visual exam of two samples submitted by the civic body indicates the polyurethane coating in the tanks is "defective'' and has evidence of "unevenness and roughness". Furthermore, the ICT says there is "improper curing of coating material". This means that the two elements that combine to form polyurethane–resin and MDI– have not properly bonded to create the non-toxic film that would allay rusting.

Civic officials and scientists said that the MDI could enter the water and render it toxic. The ICT report says the "material may not provide a protective barrier'' to the steel. "As there is also evidence of coating failure, the material may leach out and affect safety of potable water, even if it complies with test requirements," says ICT's letter to the BMC.

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Publication Date: 15 Dec 2010

Comments Posted by Manish Jhurani

Most jobs on these pipelines are compromised. The products that are being used are mostly substandard. There have been articles in news paper like this one which proves how safe we are drinking this water:

Toxins in city's drinking water could hit 7 lakh - The Times of India

Inspite of this, similar products are used for other pipelines. Moreover, the work going on the eastern express highway for pipeline is going on since past 6 years. all pipes are lined with cement. think about the field joints, condition of cement when exposed for so long, damages/hairline cracks occuring while transportation. These issues can be solved very easily resolved if corruption reduces

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