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Corrosion of Guitar Strings due to high humidity disturbs a Guitarist from India

Guitars suited for high humidity?

I live in a place (in India) that is very humid. The monthly average afternoon relative humidity hovers between 65% and 80% across the twelve months. The monthly average morning relative humidity is anywhere between 85% and 92%. I was trying to buy a guitar (built in a controlled workshop relative humidity level of 45%) from a luthier in Sweden but abandoned the idea because he too agreed with me that the humidity here could be a problem. Is getting a guitar built in a workshop set at a high relative humidity the only way to go? I know it's highly improbable but I will ask this anyway at the risk of sounding dumb! Would I be able to find a good luthier based in a place with similar humidity conditions as I described above who builds under the normal climatic conditions of that place, or who build guitars specifically for humid places? My budget is 4500 USD and I prefer a Spruce/Maple combination (just in case it helps respondents).

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Publication Date: 18 March 2012

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