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CAPpings - India - Water Conservation - Government plans to ask big industries for 'water returns'

We, Corrosion Control Community, hope for introduction of Material Returns and Corrosion Prevention Act in future to conserve material resources in India

India - Water Conservation - Government plans to ask big industries for 'water returns' 

Seeking to curb the unbridled use of water and check pollution, the government is considering to introduce a system under which the big industries will have to file 'water returns' on the lines of income tax returns. Besides, the government is also mulling introduction of differential rate of pricing of water by different types of industrial users.

The annual water returns on similar lines of tax returns would include key parameters like utilisation per unit produce, effluent discharge details, rain water harvested, water reuse details and fresh water consumption, said the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17). The document, which has been approved by the country's apex decision making body the National Development Council(NDC) and is broad policy for the five-year period, has emphasised that the filing of water returns be made mandatory for big industries and businesses.

The policy document has also underlined the need for promoting reuse and recycle of waste water in industry through regulations and incentives through national frameworks and a system of water returns. It also talks about setting industry-specific standards for promoting rain-water harvesting in industry, both within and beyond the fence through incentives and regulation. The policy also asks for creating equity-based and efficiency-based water pricing regime for industries. It also asks for overcoming lack of a clear policy framework based on cost-recovery principles.

According to the document, the current pricing regime is undervalued for all users and creating a clear policy framework would overcome wide variations in tariff structure due to current determination by various states.

Article Source: http://www.business-standard.com/generalnews/news/govt-plans-to-ask-big-industries-for-water-
Publication Date: 13 Jan 2013

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