Sunday, March 2, 2014

CAPpings - India - IT Major IBM's hi-tech solution to plug water leakage, pegged at 45 per cent of the supply, in Bangalore

BANGALORE: IT major IBM has come to the rescue of Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) to plug water leakage in the city, pegged at 45 per cent of the supply.

The board, in association with the company, has set up a command centre to monitor and manage the water supply system.

The centre monitors water flow in 284 of the 784 bulk flow meters and reservoirs, providing a clear view of the amount of water transmitted by each, the amount supplied to individual parts of the distribution system and the level of water in each reservoir. Data from every meter is displayed on a dashboard, which can be accessed by BWSSB engineers.

Publication Date: 21 Feb 2014

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  1. Efforts on leak detection are very much needed to conserve water resources. At the same time the present approach of identifying the causes for such leakages is not properly attempted. There are many material and maintenance issues that get least attention of water management authorities. Corrosion of water pipelines is one of the major concerns. This is leading the way for greater water loss and contamination of water supplied to the public. Our country has to institute awareness for such effects and advise the water distribution agencies and infrastructure design houses to follow good practice of material selection with corrosion control and proper maintenance.