Sunday, March 22, 2015

World Water Day - India - We need to turn Water Rust to Water TRUST for minimising corrosion induced pipeline leakage and contamination

Numerous incidents of pipeline leakage induced contamination reported across India. Corrosion of pipeline assets is the major cause for this tremendous leakage and contamination threats. This is completely ignored by the water management authorities and design houses. When leakage occurs in any pipeline, the immediate focus is made on replacing the existing infrastructure. It is not an easy task for replacing all old infrastructure with brand new systems. We need to find the best way of improving the current operation to minimize leak and contamination incidents. We need to turn Water Rust to Water TRUST for assuring the integrity of existing assets and operating the water distribution without any potential disturbance. There is not much focus made on corrosion control and life cycle approach of selecting the appropriate water distribution systems.

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Publication Date: 07 March 2015

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